Nancy Yeo

Aces Training Facilitator Nancy Yeo

Nancy was certified in St Charles, Illinois, USA, to design and deliver interpersonal skill coures. She was also certified in London, UK, to run experiential learning and learn innovative pedagogical methods.  Nancy was accredited by Australian Psychologists Press, Victoria, Australia, as a fully qualified instructor for Myers-Briggs Type Indicator personality profiling.

Nancy has substantial experience – over 25 years – in delivering soft skill courses for all levels in Asia Pacific, USA, UK and Netherlands.  Nancy’s training engagements took her beyond Singapore to other parts of Asia Pacific like Australia, South Korea, Japan, Macau, Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Bangkok, Jakarta, Manila, Malaysia, Brunei. Her worldwide training experience was useful in providing her with useful understanding of the many different but unique cultures in Asia, and was instrumental in enabling her to communicate effectively across cultures to benefit her participants.

Nancy prides herself with a mastery of impeccable linguistic skills in communication and in training.  Her grasp of the courses she teaches is not academic but very practical and hands-on in approach.  Her professional experience gravitates around people, liberating them to become people of confidence and self-assuring.

Nancy has always been rated highly by her participants for her high energy, and effective methods of simplifying the complicated – over 4.5 (out of a 5-point score).