MJ Kumar

Aces Training Facilitator Mj Kumar

Mr. MJ Kumar holds an MBA (Merit) in Management and Business  from University of Sunderland, England. He has also trained supervisors and managers in WSQ’s latest initiative,  Leadership and People Management (LPM) modules namely Build Team Relationship, Support Team, Develop Self, Encourage People and Implement Change.

He is a full-time Trainer and has more than 30 years’ experience in the manufacturing sector, including setting up and commissioning overseas factories e.g. manufacturing plant in Indonesia. His distinct achievements included productivity and quality improvements and cost, cycle-time and  inventory reductions through organized initiatives. Besides running manufacturing operation, he has trained supervisors and managers on a wide range of both soft and technical skills. Mr. Kumar’s training expertise includes Problem-Solving, Team-Building, Conflict Management, Effective Communication, Motivation, Leadership, TQM, QCC Concepts, Capacity Planning System, Defect Trouble-shooting, FMEA, etc.

He had regional logistic responsibilities of Storage and Distribution of semi-conductor dice/chip for sister National Plants in Asia Pacific.

Besides his wide training experience, Mr. Kumar is also certified by Singapore Workforce Development Agency as an ACTA trainer. And, he is qualified to conduct competency-based training and assessment.

Mr. Kumar has trained various organisations in ESS courses at supervisory and managerial levels which include Communication Relation Management, Problem Solving, Initiative and Enterprise, Team Building, Supervisory Management and Conflict Management.

Mr. Kumar has a strong passion for training and development, and is keen to effect a change in people’s life. He weaves his practical experience into his training sessions in order to impress upon people the value of life-long learning and, more importantly, motivate them to apply what they have learnt.