Irene Koh

Aces Training Facilitator Irene Koh

Irene has been actively delivering soft skill courses, especially presentation skills / public speaking courses to scientists, researchers and consultants.

She has been invited to China, Hong Kong and Malaysia to provide interpersonal skills workshops and to run team building retreats for organisations across various industries.  Irene’s expertise in teaching presentation skills has always made her a popular choice of many clients – government and private sectors.

She was certified in London in experiential learning.  She has trained many professionals in Communication Skills and on Excellent Customer Service.   She has been equipping the work force on how to be an effective support to bosses, how to add further value to one’s work, and to adopt a contributing mindset in any organization.

Irene exudes enthusiasm and energy that has won her accolades of compliments from her participants.  Participants even wrote about how her course delivery has been so useful that it motivated them to want to excel in this interpersonal skill area, ie delighting customers and getting along with people.

Irene is usually rated above 4 (out of a 5-point scale) for her effective delivery of training courses.  Most comments about her instructor effectiveness were that she was very passionate and enthusiastic, and her demonstration of care for her participants.  Participants commented that they found it hard to doze off in her programmes.